We use modern equipment

Today's club fitting is hugely based on high-tech analysis tools. In our fitting centres, we use state-of-the-art equipment with which we are able to measure and then interpret dozens of different types of data to optimise the performance of your golf clubs.

Radar Flightscope Xi Tour or Trackman

One of the best-in-class tools in its class works on the principle of Doppler radar. By capturing moving objects, the device's algorithm is able to measure and interpret the behaviour of both the club and the golf ball. This allows us to build up a picture of our swing and represent the parameters of the stroke through a series of advanced metrics. Analysis of the numbers provided by the player is the basis for optimising our performance for experienced club fitters who can interpret this data and relate it to practice - golf club design, selection of the right shaft, length, balance and many other specifications.

Depending on the location, we use either the Flightscope or Trackman radar. As they both work on the same principle, club fitting always follows the same principles and the same key parameters of our swing or ball flight are measured, which, through professional analysis, are used to select the best equipment specification.

Radar Flightscope Xi Tour

Uni-Fit system

As the only professionals in Poland, we have at our disposal a complete system based on universal tips of the Uni-Fit type for each type of golf clubs. Thanks to this solution, we are able to offer almost infinite possibilities of building different head-shaft combinations during the fitting session. This increases the quality and professionalism of the optimisation performed incredibly, as we can build any equipment configuration for the client and test it on the radar during a very short time. We are not limited by anything - all brands of shafts that we have fit all types of heads from different manufacturers.

With the UniFit system, we can build your own driver/wood in seconds on one of our premium shafts and see the difference in performance. In addition, it also allows us to fitter long golf clubs on the player's own equipment - so we focus on performance and not just on selling a new head, which does not always have a significant difference to previous models.

We use the Uni-Fit system for fitting

  • drivers, woods and hybrids
  • hybrids (those with adaptors)
  • wedges
  • putters
  • irons

Swing DNA

A proprietary system developed by the Mizuno brand for several years, we now have the Swing DNA 3.0 version. Its basic tool is an iron equipped with a number of sensors and a mini-computer that collects data during the swing. The main function of the DNA system is to study our swing at the irons from a dynamic point of view - how fast we hit, with what dynamics, how this affects the work of the shaft. Thanks to the algorithm that the software connected to the club provides, we get recommendations of shafts and set parameters that we should use for the player.

Swing DNA

CAPTO Putter Fitting

Advanced putter fitting is performed using equipment that is as sensitive and precise as the fitting of other golf clubs. In our fitting centres we use the CAPTO system, which allows professional measurement of the key parameters of the swing made with a putter. The device is mounted on any putter, which then needs to be calibrated, which takes a few moments. It allows us to measure path, loft, lie angle, speed and acceleration, as well as to determine the repeatability of movements achieved with different equipment specifications. It allows us to determine the specific swing characteristics of the golfer and, thanks to the large number of putter variants available for testing, to select the best one and describe its parameters.

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