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Golf Fitting Services

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In our shops and at demo days events nationwide, we focus on professional fitting and analysis of your swing for different groups of clubs. Fitting can be booked for one type of club, a group of clubs or you can undergo a comprehensive analysis and build a full golf bag almost from scratch.

iron-blueGolf Irons Fitting

By fitting irons with FlightScope or Trackman launch monitor, we can even more accurately determine the subtle differences in performance achieved with different head specifications, length, shaft, lie angle, offset etc. Using a huge selection of different types of heads with interchangeable shafts, we will find the optimum configuration for you. All impact parameters that cannot be felt or observed with the naked eye (e.g. 3-4 metre distance differences or 1-2 miles per hour ball speed) will be measured and in the form of a comparison report will be sent to you after the session.

During an iron fitting session, we focus on the goals we set at the beginning of the meeting. The distribution of distances within the whole set (so-called gapping) is very important, as well as the distances achieved with the individual clubs and the repeatability of direction and distance. The flight parameters of the ball are also extremely important, for example launch angle, landing angle, spin and many others. Together with the fitter, you will choose the best club configuration based on the radar data.

Duration: 1-2h

Services - fitting irons

driver-blueGolf Driver Fitting

Professional driver fitting is first about determining your needs: do you want to hit further, with a different trajectory, more stable, etc. The starting point is to analyse the strokes you make with your own club. Based on the FlightScope or Trackman launch monitor measurements, we will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your driver, and find where changing the specification can help you perform better with this club.

As a summary of the fitting, you will receive a detailed report of your session with recommendations for: the optimum combination of shaft (length, weight, flex), headstock (angle, model, opening/closing face), rotation and settings for weights, sliders, etc. that will work best for your swing (applies to adjustable clubs).

Duration: 0.5 - 1h


wood-blueFairway Wood Fitting

Fitting long clubs (without a driver) will determine the distribution of distances you achieve with woods and hybrids. Combined with FlightScope or Trackman measurement of swing and impact parameters, we will be able to identify areas to pull up or change. With a very wide range of different types of heads and shafts, we can select the ideal specification of long clubs that will allow you to cover key distances, improve repeatability and increase your long game comfort.
After fittering, you will receive an analysis of the distances achieved with the sticks from your own set and recommendations on the composition and parameters of your set of woods and hybrids.

Duration: 0.5 - 1h

Services - fitting woods

wedge-blueGolf Wedge Fitting

When fitting wedges, the most important thing will be to find out the distance distribution you achieve with your clubs. We will also determine the shaft and head type that best meets your expectations thanks to the most extensive system in Poland, which allows independent testing of any head-shaft combination. With the help of the launch monitor, we will very quickly be able to suggest the optimum configuration of a set of wedges, based on finding a club specification that covers all the key distances within a short game. The starting point for this analysis is your own set of wedges and the shortest iron you have in your bag 'before' the first wedge.

Duration: 0.5-1h


putterGolf Putter Fitting

Putter fitting is an often overlooked element - many golfers and golfers buy this golf club for looks or just by testing the models available on the shop shelf. Meanwhile, a properly fitted club for such a precise part of the game as putting is the key to gaining a few strokes per round and improving your score. In our fitting centres, we select golf putters using the advanced CAPTO tool. Thanks to this, we are able to select the length, lie angle, loft, balance, type of head. What is more, our service is able to carry out all the necessary modifications ourselves, as very few manufacturers yet offer the possibility of ordering a fully customised putter.


full-blueFitting the whole bag

A complex fitting session focusing on all of the golf clubs which you have or want to have in your bag. We will determine all the specifications of the club in the set - from the driver to the shortest wedge. As part of the post-session report, you will receive recommendations for shaft parameters per club, head type, loft and lie angle, distance distributions and an optimised set composition for your swing.

Duration: 1,5-3h


fitting-golf-balls-bogigolfGolf Balls Fitting

Golf ball fitting is a new service in our range. It encompasses a comprehensive approach to the golf ball fitting a player should use to optimise their performance in all aspects during a round of golf. We focus on the philosophy developed by the fitters at Titleist - the No.1 brand when it comes to golf balls on the market - Green-to-Tee, or from green to tee. Fitting begins with an interview, during which we set goals and select 3-5 models for testing (including the ball most often used by the player at the moment). Then, thanks to a 'scorecard' developed by us based on our own and Titleist's knowledge and experience, we go through all types of strokes with the player. The session takes place on the driving range, putting and chipping greens and on 1-2 holes on the golf course, so that the data and experience gathered is fully professional and holistic. At the end, we decide on the most optimal golf ball model for the player based on the player's own feelings and the launch monitor data.

The cost of the ball fitter service may seem quite high, but it includes:

  • time spent by the fitter (2-3h) with one client
  • 3 test balls each from the models we select and which the player keeps at the end of the session
  • entry to the chipping and putting areas and 1-2 holes on the golf course

Duration: 2-3h
Cost: PLN 750


costCost of golf club fitting at BogiGolf

The price for any type of fitter is fixed at 300 PLN per 1h.

At the end of the session, you will receive a voucher for the equivalent of the amount paid for fitting - to be used towards the purchase of the poles or the service activity to which the fitting related.

For purchases under 1,000 PLN, the 50% fitting fee is refunded (unless other terms have been agreed in advance).

serviceGolf club workhop

In addition to professional golf club optimisation services, our fitter centres also offer a wide range of golf club services.
Often, after a fitting session, a change in the specification of your golf clubs is needed, which, by having our own workshop, we are able to provide on site.
Our service has specialised equipment and years of experience in repairing, changing specifications and building golf clubs.

The services we perform as part of the golf service:

  • regripping services
  • reshafting services
  • shortening/extending golf clubs
  • changing lie angle and lofts
  • swingweighting of golf clubs
  • changing the parameters of the putters

More details can be found on the website: Golf club workhop

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