Knowledge and experience are key
factors for professional fitting of golf clubs

Knowledge and experience are the foundation of professional golf club fitting. You don't become a fitter overnight after reading one or two books or passing one of the many fitter academies. A good fitter is not only familiar with the basic laws of golf swing or ball flight. Knowledge and continuous improvement are necessary - both through further education and updating one's training with new models of equipment, shafty and solutions and technological innovations used by manufacturers.

BogiGolf has fitters with a great deal of knowledge and passion for this interesting activity - who are able to both coolly and professionally analyse the data and enter into a personal relationship with the fitter participants, which significantly lightens the atmosphere and makes the session much more enjoyable and effective.

Our team

Michal Bajerski.

Michał Bajerski

The owner of BogiGolf has been interested in club fitting for over 15 years, which makes him one of the most experienced fitters in Poland. He backs up his theoretical knowledge with extensive experience in working with clients - during his activity so far, over 1000 male and female golfers have used his services. He is the author of many texts on club fittering in magazines and industry portals, as well as on the the specialist golf blog BogiGolf

Lukasz Szadny.

Lukasz Szadny

PGA Pro with extensive experience as a player, golf coach and fitter by passion. Lukasz has been following all the technological innovations in the market for years and is interested in maximising the performance of golfers of all skill levels.

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